Since the beginning of their friendship, Alice and Keli have found themselves off in the corner of every movie or wine night intensely discussing a random topic that no one else seems to care about. SnarkNotes was born when they began to wonder, “Do our friends enjoy listening to our endless ramblings about Pretty Little Liars?” and “Would other people be entertained by our analysis of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child?” The answer to those questions still remains to be determined. In the meantime, enjoy this monthly podcast where the hosts discuss everything from the merits of a socially awkward Mr. Darcy to why finding a boyfriend with a crow-and-smoke aesthetic is so difficult. Topics will range from literature to television to movies, but the nerdiness and sarcasm will be constant.

Note: If you don’t enjoy girls who say the word “like” too much, this podcast might not be for you. But honestly, like, what did you expect?


Keli on Keli – My love for classic literature is topped only by my love for boy bands and Netflix. I was an English Literature major in college mainly because I thought “I like to read! I’ll figure out a career later.” The career is still TBD but I like to think that my degree has helped take me from amateur bullshitter to professional shit-talker. I have a lot of opinions; sorry for yell-talking them at you.

Alice on Keli – Keli is a kindred spirit in the best sense of the phrase. Everything is more fun when Keli is there. She infuses creativity and hijinks into every get together. She’s the girl who pulls everyone into a dance huddle at the end of a wedding reception – the girl who sees an inflatable lobster and thinks “if we bring that to an Ed Sheerhan concert he will definitely want to be our friend”. Keli is always game to listen to you or distract you, depending on what you need. She is confident in her own voice and can talk about everything and nothing, making you laugh no matter the topic. Most people roll their eyes when I get started on one of my pop culture tangents; some nod politely and wait for the rant to run its course. But Keli dives right in, adding fuel to the fire. She is, quite simply, the greatest.


Alice on Alice – I’ve always been a bit of an oddball. I am emphatic about the things I love, which has caused my co-workers to compile a list of my favorite things. Entries are extensive and range from Beefaroni to pho restaurant puns to Groundhog Day. I am addicted to stories, told in any medium. (It’s kind of a problem.) I am especially fond of children’s books, old Hollywood movies, and musicals. Witty dialog is my kryptonite and I am a little too prone to reference TV shows and movies in daily conversations. As a result, a friend of mine once admitted that she only ever understood half of the things I say.

Keli on Alice – As BJ Novak and Mindy Kaling would say, Alice is my soup snake. First off because she would get that reference right away, but secondly because she is the bubbly, loveable half of the duo and I’m the sarcastic, edgy weirdo. She is also probably the only reason I passed any group project in 9th grade Earth Science because she did all of the work while I gave all of the boys in our class mean-spirited nicknames. I met Alice in Gifted and Talented in the sixth grade; I’d like to think our teacher would be proud of how far we’ve come, but she probably would consider this podcast to be nothing more than trivial.