S1 Ep 5: Body Sock Kids

Keli and Alice were sensitive children who eventually grew and matured into neurotic adults. In this episode they each recount four books or movies that messed with their young, fragile minds – sometimes scarring them for life. In this episode they’ll explain how almost anything – from green ribbons, to songs about cavemen, to Muppets – can be scary. Mild spoilers related to stories you probably don’t care about.

S1 Ep 4: Romantic Zeroes

O Romeo, Romeo! Wherefore art thou the absolute worst? Let us count the ways. In this SnarkNotes episode, Keli and Alice take the time to discuss heroes (and couples) that the general public romanticizes even though they really shouldn’t. They argue that the romantic heroes of classic literature are seriously lacking. Romeo is a player. Healthcliff is a sociopath. Gatsby isn't exactly "great". All in all, a stand up group of guys. Spoiler warning. This episode touches on major plot points in Romeo & Juliet, Wuthering Heights, and the Great Gatsby. (You’ll never guess how Romeo & Juliet ends. Minds will be blown.)

S1 Ep 3: Dystopian Literature

Dystopian literature was all fun and games until Trump got elected. Now, terrifying hypotheticals feel a little too real. In this episode of Snarknotes, Keli and Alice discuss what they like about dystopian literature before counting down the plots that seem most likely to happen given our current political climate. Warning: this episode is dark and full of spoilers.

S1 Ep 2: The Cursed Child

You may not be able to go home again, but you can go back to Hogwarts. Whether or not you should is a different matter entirely. Keli and Alice discuss their long established love for Harry Potter before laying out some grievances with the Cursed Child. Please expect copious amounts of love for Scorpious Malfoy – the lovable cinnamon roll the Harry Potter fandom needs, but does not deserve. Spoilers, spoilers everywhere.

S1 Ep 1: Mr. Darcy

It is a truth rarely acknowledged, that the best Darcy is a socially awkward Darcy. In SnarkNotes’ pilot episode Keli and Alice discuss the many ways that Pride & Prejudice’s Mr. Darcy is incredibly, painfully, awkward. Here at SnarkNotes each cringe-worthy moment makes us (love, love) love him all the more ardently. Judge for yourself just how socially inept Darcy can be and whether you like him better that way! As always, please expect spoilers.